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Omar Abdelmalek

PhD Student                                                                          
Tel : +33 4 56 52 99 55
Mobile: +33 6 34 03 94 89

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OMAR ABDELMALEK. received the in electronic engineering and Communication systems from the Setif institute of Electronic , Algeria, in 2009, M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering (Control system and Applications) from National engineering school Poitiers (ENSIP), French, in 2010, and the second M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering Microelectronics from National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA DE LYON) in 2011.Curenttly is Phd student at CTSYS research team of Grenoble INP - LCIS Laboratory (Valence) in French. My advisors are Vincent BEROULLE and David HELY.The subject of my thesis is: Design and emulation of new robust architectures for UHF RFID Tags.

Currents Research interests

  • UHF RFID Tags
  • Robustness of RFID system
  • Digital architectures
  • Robust VLSI
  • Fault injection
  • Attacks against RFID system
  • Embedded System Security.
  • Hardware Trojan


O Abdelmalek, D Hély, V Beroulle "EPC Class 1 GEN 2 UHF RFID Tag Emulator for Robustness Evaluation and Improvement" in Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Design & Technology of Integrated Systems in Nanoscale Era (DTIS),Abu Dhabi,2013

Omar Abdelmalek, David Hely, and Vincent Beroulle, Ibrahim Mezzah “An UHF RFID Emulation Platform with Fault Injection and real time Monitoring capabilities” 8TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN & TEST SYMPOSIUM (IDT 2013).

Ibrahim Mezzah,Omar AbdelMalek, Vincent Beroulle, David Hély"Assertion Based On-line Fault Detection Applied on UHF RFID Tag" 8TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN & TEST SYMPOSIUM (IDT 2013).

Omar Abdelmalek, Vincent Beroulle, David Hély,"Fault Tolerance Evaluation of RFID Tags",15th IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop,(LATW2014) Fortaleza, Brazil.

Eduardo Hidalgo,Omar Abdelmalek,David Hély,Vincent Beroulle1 "Triggering Hardware Trojans in EPC C1G2 RFID Tags", First Workshop on Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices,(trudevice2013),Avignon, France .


mise à jour le 13 février 2014

50, rue Barthélémy de Laffemas
BP54 26902 VALENCE Cedex 09 France
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 75 94 49
Université Grenoble Alpes