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Conception et Réalisation d'antennes et des composants RF en utilisant de technologie MID (Molded Interconnect Devices)


Divya Unnikrishnan


Directeur de thèse :  Smail TEDJINI

Co-encadrant :  Darine Kaddour



MID (Molded Interconnect Devices)  technology, owing to their electrical performances, flexibility in RF circuits, its potential to reduce the number of components, process stapes ans miniaturization, has led to some new constraints to the RF and microwave domain. Molded components are interconnected with thermoplastic substrates and conductive traces are injected on the surface. The objective of this thesis is to study the compatibility of MIDs for RF applications. The advantages of MID in the RF domain is exploited for transmission lines, passive filters, directional couplers and antenna' realization. The RF characterization of various MID substrate materials and the study of the performance of the above components based on MID fabrication are included in the thesis. Finally, the concept of a complete RF front end module for ISM band at 5.8 GHz based on MID is also implemented.
The Thesis "Design and Realization of Antennas and RF components using MID technology" is the worl falls within the participation of LCIS laboratory (Grenoble INP) supported by the partnership project PLASTRONICS partly funded within the clusters of PLASTIPOLIS and MINALOGIC.

Mots clés / Key words

Molded interconnect devices (MID), Molded componenents, MID substrate characterization.

mise à jour le 21 janvier 2014

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